Artist Statement:

The relation between participants and the event is the starting point for my investigation into the shifting topology of bodies and technologies. I utilize various interdisciplinary forms including performance art, video, net art, bioart and installation to design participatory events and actions. For the last few years I have been making work that explores how viruses (digital and biological) challenge the way we perceive, record and distribute data pertaining to the body. In 2007 I created the Living Viral Tattoos prototypes in collaboration with scientists and artists at SymbioticA. There I was taught hands-on skills needed to grow cells with viruses as artistic material. The Cryobook Archives project builds on my prior knowledge of tissue culture engineering practice, viral work and antibody staining technique developed as part of the Living Viral Tattoos prototypes.


Tagny Duff is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator based in Montreal, Canada. Duff’s works have been exhibited internationally over the last ten years and she is the recipient of numerous awards including The Canada Council for the Arts and Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She is Assistant Professor in Intermedia, Communication Studies Department at Concordia University.


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