Engineering of the portable cryofreezer

Image and design: David St Onge

image and design: David st Onge

image and design: David st Onge


Since there are multiple collaborators and people curious about the making of this piece I thought I’d keep posting the technical development and engineering side of the project . So here’s the latest update….
David St Onge (engineering collaborator) is busy flushing out the details for the portable cryobook unit which will be powered by dry ice when not hooked up to the -80 freezer. David and Jean-Francois made also arrangements with Multiver, a quebec company, that is generously donating the special window glaze needed for the unit. Once the samples arrive, the prototype will be build based on the final specs.
For my part, I have been on the phone with -80 freezer companies and purchasing services at Concordia trying to get the best deal for a -80 freezer unit as quickly as possible. I ended up going with the So Low brand mentioned in the previous post. Hopefully it wont get held up in custom at the Canada/US border and arrives here in the next two weeks.


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