talk at the Moores studio (June 28, 2009)

TD @ Moores 2 _M.Schlipalius_smlPhoto: Megan Schlipalius

The talk on Sunday was an excellent opportunity to present my work done in the lab and show some of the work created by participants who took my  workshop.

Here are some photos taken by my good friend Megan, a dedicated archivist and excellent documenter. (She is secretly collecting documents of bioart works and probably has enough material by now to curate an amazing exhibition).

Audience @ Moores_M.Schlipalius_smlPhoto: Megan Schlipalius

The audience looks somewhat puzzled in this shot. But in actuality, the conversation was lively and enthusiastic. Pia and Nikki (in the center) are two of the artists who took my workshop. See for more info and images from that event held for two days at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

TD @ Moores 1 _M.Schlipalius_smlPhoto: Megan Schlipalius

Here’s a nice shot of Jo Pick Up from the Fremantle Arts Centre (left) and myself.


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