Swine flu fear grows in Ireland and UK.


Swine flu hype continues to grow out of proportion. Expect to see the thermal scanners at airports. Last time I saw one it was during the SARS epidemic while traveling from Havana, Cuba to Montreal.

Here is the public information leaflet distributed by the UK:
advice for
people entering
tHe UK WitH
inflUenZa tYpe
HS73292 Swine Flu Leaflets.indd   1 29/04/2009   14:30
SWine inflUenZa – advice to travellerS
to tHe UK
Human cases of swine influenza have been
reported worldwide. This is an evolving
situation and it is likely that more countries
will be affected.
What is swine influenza?
Swine influenza is a respiratory disease
normally found in pigs but human cases can
and do happen. Symptoms of swine influenza
are similar to those of seasonal flu, usually a
feverish illness accompanied by cough, sore
throat, headache or muscle aches. For most
people, this illness appears to be mild. Infection
with this flu is treatable with the antiviral drugs
oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) and zanamivir (Relenza®).
What should i do if i have returned from a country
affected by swine influenza?
If you have visited an area where human cases
of swine influenza have been identified, it is
important that you are vigilant for any signs of
illness in the seven days after you travel. There
is no need for you to isolate yourself from other
people as long as you remain well.
If you are returning from one of the areas that
have been affected and you start to develop
flu-like symptoms, you should stay at home
to limit contact with others and should seek
medical advice from a GP or contact the
Northern Ireland swine flu helpline on
0800 0514 142.
HS73292 Swine Flu Leaflets.indd   2 29/04/2009   14:30
What happens if it is thought i might have
swine influenza?
All suspected cases will be investigated and
offered antiviral treatment. For most cases, you
will be well enough to remain at home but some
people may need to be admitted to hospital.
It will be important for you to avoid contact
with other people as much as possible until the
results of your tests are back. The people you
live with should also monitor their health and
follow the same advice if they get symptoms.
The most important thing you can do to avoid
spreading the illness to other people is to follow
basic hygiene advice.
You should:
•    avoid contact with other people as much as
•    cover your nose and mouth when coughing
or sneezing, using a tissue when possible
and disposing of dirty tissues promptly and
•    maintain good hygiene by washing hands
frequently with soap and water to reduce
the spread of the virus from your hands to
other people;
•    clean hard surfaces (e.g. door handles)
frequently with a normal cleaning product;
•    make sure that your children follow
this advice.
HS73292 Swine Flu Leaflets.indd   3 29/04/2009   14:30
Issued by UK Border Agency
© Crown copyright 2009
HS73292 Swine Flu Leaflets.indd   4 29/04/2009   14:30

check out the public health campaign from the Uk:



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