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For immediate release

Tagny Duff: The Cryobook Archives
Open Studio

Canadian artist in residence Tagny Duff invites onlookers to her studio from 2-4pm on Sunday 28 June, where she will present an artist’s talk at 2pm.

In a dual residency between Fremantle Arts Centre and SymbioticA: The Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at UWA, Duff explores sculpture through bookmaking techniques and biotechnological protocols.

The Cryobook Archives is an interdisciplinary art project exploring how viral transfection and contamination might be reimagined to produce living experiences and forms of documentation with bookmaking and biotechnological processes. The “cryobooks” she creates are generated from human and pig skin, medical sutures, custom designed leather bookbinding stamps, immunohistochemical stains and biological Lentivirus (a derivative of HIV Strain 1).

Duff’s practice uses scientific tools to ‘critique new biotechnologies that both (re) generate and denature molecular, cellular, digital and cultural bodies.’ The books will be integrated into a future performance installation that will offer public visitors an encounter with the fleshy viral books.

Tagny Duff is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, educator and independent curator based in Canada. Duff’s intervention performances, performance lectures, video, net art and mobile works have been exhibited in galleries, festivals and university lecture series across North America, UK, Australia, Finland, Germany and Cuba.

More information about her Cryobooks can be found at

Sunday 28 June
A presentation by the artist, introduced by Jo Pickup
Moores Workshop
Rear 46 Henry St, Fremantle

Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty St, Fremantle WA
Free admission, open 7 days: 10am-5pm
For more information, images or to arrange an interview contact Robyn Fergusson, Communications Coordinator: (08) 9432 9564;


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