Preparing more skin pages

stackofpigpagesAfter the book making workshop I am inspired to try to cut pages from pig skin again. This time I went to a butcher shop near the university and bought pig skin at four times the price charged by the locals in Chinatown.  Everything was clean and pretty in the butcher shop. The lighting was low and the meat highlighted. I always feel like I’m participating in a gigantic lie when I buy animal meat and skin in shops that smell like spice and herbs.

scoringThis pig skin is much more leathery than the last patch, and I think it will work well with the stamp.  I was able to score the skin to make different shapes this time. With the human skin it was impossible to try to define any shape or form whatsoever. I  used the surgery blade like an exacto blade ( or a Stanley knife as its called here). Also, I was able to use bookmaking techniques with the pig skin (like the kettle stitch) but I end up using surgery techniques (like the surgeon stitch) with the human skin.


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