seeding the HaCat cells

labwork This last week has been focused mostly on seeding and passaging the HaCat cell line. The cells are proliferating quickly and so I am in the lab everyday  watching them grow.

In the meantime I have also been trying to order a custom designed leather stamp. Next week  I will receive the post surgery skin that will form the substrate of the sculptural books. I am hoping to test the stamps beforehand and make some with pigs skin I have bought from the butcher shop. (See my upcoming post on how I’m coping with  working with pigs skin). I am contacting various people with an interest in reconsidering representations of HIV  to submit news designs for the stamps to be applied to pig and human skin.

thestudio Also, see the new links I have added on the blog referencing books made of human skin.

The head librarian at UWA has been super helpful at assisting me in finding relevant articles. We discovered that the Wellcome Trust library (UK) has a book entitled “De integritatis & corruptionis virginum notis” (1663), covered in human skin. It is apparently a medical book about virginity that is covered in the skin of a  female patient. I have contacted them to see about accessing the book and I hope to research it first hand when I go to the UK this summer.


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